A coaching relationship
that puts being well

at the heart of doing well


Welcome! To a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore, be challenged

& take meaningful action towards your goals.

My approach is informed by specialist education & training in applied positive psychology - the science of optimal human functioning - coaching psychology,

and integrates philosophy, metaphysics and global wisdom traditions.


At the heart of the coaching relationship is a Core Coaching Programme, which represents the minimum coaching commitment, comprising 4 x 90 minute sessions. 


Each additional session attracts a 16% saving. Example pricing calculations:


Core Coaching Programme (4 x 90 minute sessions)  = £600


Then a 16% saving for each additional session:


5 sessions = £726 (you save £24)


6 sessions = £852 (you save £48)

client feedback

"I feel grateful and blessed having the chance to work with Paul. Every coaching session with him is enlightening – he has a very special talent to offer to his clients. What is actually hard work feels so easy, so light – travelling from one insight to the next, detangling knots, realising what’s at the core, finding solutions and putting them into practice. He masters the art of cutting through complexity with pragmatism, but he never compromises on emphatic listening and providing a safe space. One can trust his big, warm heart, and his capability as well as professionalism as a coach. He’s a true life changer."

- Kristin, Germany

"Coaching with Paul was supportive, rewarding and fun. He's intelligent, intuitive and playful - a wonderful combination. Paul offers a deeply supportive and encouraging space in which to think deeply and to make change"

- Jules, UK

“Paul was born to be a positivity coach. I wouldn't have felt so comfortable and at ease speaking to anyone else. My brain works at a million miles per hour and has one hundred thoughts going on at the same time, and it was a miracle that Paul was able to help me unscramble it all & think in a positive way. It's either a miracle, or he is a great positivity coach, we'll go for the latter! He was clear, calm, insightful, and suggested the perfect thought processes and approaches to use in everyday life. I loved the experience, and I will definitely continue to keep Paul as my coach.”

- Lara, Australia

“I have been working with Paul for about 2 months. This time has helped me greatly to find a new perspective on life and on what I care about. When I started this coaching journey, I was as some people say "at the end of the rope, hanging in there". However, with Paul's approach on Positive Psychology and his guidance, I did A LOT of reflection on myself, what is important to me and, most importantly, why. I can say now I feel much more in balance, not sad or about to get burnout - and way calmer. The best way I can describe my change of attitude is by how much more energy and cheerfulness I got back.”

- Mariana, Spain


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