on a mission to put being well

at the heart of doing well

Hi, I'm Paul.


A coaching psychologist specialising in applied positive psychology - the science of optimal human functioning - and coaching psychology, a specialist field of psychology that applies psychological theories and concepts within a coaching relationship.


The aim of coaching psychology is to enhance performance, achievement and wellbeing in individuals, teams and organisations, utilising evidence-based methods grounded in scientific research.

I embrace multi-cultural approaches to philosophy, metaphysics and wisdom traditions. Understanding our metaphysic - our big picture (for example, what do you mean when you say the word "I"?) is essential to working skilfully and effectively with our our psychology - how we think, feel & behave.


Examples of evidence-based Positive Psychology interventions designed to enhance your wellbeing and effectiveness - how you think, feel and behave:

  • Enhance wellbeing & productivity by leveraging your Character Strengths.

  • Move forwards with clarity by visualising your Best Possible Self.

  • Learn how to know yourself, own yourself, and be yourself.

  • Harness the feel-good power of nature with positive psychology activities designed to promote connection with nature

  • Enhance the quality of your relationships & your responses to adversity with Cognitive-based Coaching

  • Learn how to harness the power of now with meditation & mindfulness.

  • Skychology™ - learn how to experience everyday wellbeing with something as simple as looking up at the sky.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore, be challenged, and take meaningful action towards your goals.

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