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Paul Conway | Life Coach

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Hi, I'm Paul, a coach on a mission to put being well at the heart of doing well.

I provide a safe and energising space for you to explore, be challenged & take meaningful action towards your goals.


Coaching is a goal-focused, co-creative partnership, designed to help you:

  1. Increase awareness of your current situation - the potential obstacles, options and opportunities.

  2. Gain clarity and confidence on how best to move forward.

  3. Create the conditions for success by identifying how, why and when you are "at your best".

  4. Create and implement a clearly-defined action plan, moving you toward your goals.

  5. Learn evidence-based wellbeing strategies designed to enhance the quality of your wellbeing - now, and for the rest of your life.

My coaching practice is based on specialist training in applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (MSc MAPPCP).


Move forward

Feel better

I help clients successfully overcome challenges in all aspects of life.

  • Personal growth and development.

  • Life transformation / creating create positive change in one or more life domains.

  • Finding clarity and assessing options, to feel more confident about a significant life choice.

  • Moving forward when feeling stuck / trapped in a job, career or relationship that no longer resonates with your core values - with "who I am".

  • Being more proactive about personal wellbeing. Learning skills and strategies designed to help you feel and function at your best more often, and in more areas of your life.

  • Learn how to integrate self-compassion, kindness and care when experiencing, or moving towards, burnout.

  • Learn how to identify, understand and use your Character strengths more often, to maximise your wellbeing, performamce and effectiveness.

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Positive Psychology

The science of wellbeing


A field of research that seeks to understand how, when and why we feel and function at our best, even in adversity.

It aims to "make life better" (Lomas, Hefferon, & Ivtzan, 2014) through evidence-based interventions and strategies designed to enhance mental health and physical wellbeing.

Cornerstones of positive psychology include character strengths, flow, hope, optimism, mindfulness, resilience, active-constructive communication and post-traumatic growth.

Image of two hands brought together to form a heart shape, with blue sky and white clouds in background


Character Strengths


A cornerstone of Positive Psychology, Character Strengths are our "values in action". By using our strengths more often, we feel more aligned, confident and energised. Strengths are an unlimited resource that we already possess in abundance.


The more we use our strengths, the more effective we are, and the better we feel. By developing greater awareness of your strengths, you will:


  • Learn how to use your strengths skilfully and effectively every day.

  • Be more effective, engaged, and connected.

  • Feel more congruent, aligned, confident and and energised by putting your core values into action every day.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC)


  • Learn how to transform obstacles into opportunities.


  • Change you perspective, transform your experience.

  • Transform challenging experiences into growth opportunities by changing your relationship with them.

  • See challenges from new perspectives, and develop insights into clearly-defined pathways moving you toward your goals.


  • Create and cultivate sustainable wellbeing habits that will make you more resilient when challenges arise.



Enhance wellbeing & productivity by leveraging your Character Strengths (Peterson & Seligman, 2004, Niemic, 2018).


Move forwards with clarity by visualising your Best Possible Self (King, 2001, Loveday et al., 2018).

Experience the feel-good power of nature with wellbeing activities designed to restore our connection with nature (Ward-Thompson et al., 2012, Capaldi et al., 2014).

Enhance the quality of your relationships & positively transform your responses to adversity with Cognitive-based Coaching (Grant, 2006).

Learn how to harness the power of now with meditation & mindfulness.(Kabat-Zinn 2003, Keng et al., 2011).

Feel better in seconds with Skychology, a new area of research, exploring links between looking up at the sky and wellbeing (Conway & Hefferon, 2019)

Paul Conway life coach giving a positive psychology wellbeing presentation to 100 people in London. The room is brightly lit by sunshine




One to one coaching session

Coaching package (5 sessions)




90 minutes per session, delivered in-person (London) or via video call.

Book now:

+44 7904 706634

Client Feedback

I feel grateful and blessed having the chance to work with Paul. Every coaching session with him is enlightening – he has a very special talent to offer to his clients. What is actually hard work feels so easy, so light – travelling from one insight to the next, detangling knots, realising what’s at the core, finding solutions and putting them into practice. He masters the art of cutting through complexity with pragmatism, but he never compromises on emphatic listening and providing a safe space. One can trust his big, warm heart, and his capability as well as professionalism as a coach. He’s a true life changer.

Kristin, Senior Marketing Director, Germany

Paul was born to be a positivity coach. I wouldn't have felt so comfortable and at ease speaking to anyone else. My brain works at a million miles per hour and has one hundred thoughts going on at the same time, and it was a miracle that Paul was able to help me unscramble it all & think in a positive way. It's either a miracle, or he is a great positivity coach, we'll go for the latter! He was clear, calm, insightful, and suggested the perfect thought processes and approaches to use in everyday life. I loved the experience, and I will definitely continue to keep Paul as my coach.

Lara, Senior Producer, Australia

I have been working with Paul for about 2 months. This time has helped me greatly to find a new perspective on life and on what I care about. When I started this coaching journey, I was as some people say "at the end of the rope, hanging in there". However, with Paul's approach on Positive Psychology and his guidance, I did A LOT of reflection on myself, what is important to me and, most importantly, why. I can say now I feel much more in balance, not sad or about to get burnout - and way calmer. The best way I can describe my change of attitude is by how much more energy and cheerfulness I got back.

Mariana, Lead Experience Strategist, Denmark

When I met Paul I was stuck in an unhealthy career heading straight into a burnout. Paul helped me to find out how I can be true to myself, do something I love and feel passionate about, understand what my strengths are and get clarity how to move forward. His sessions are fun, playful, eye-opening  and challenging. I am extremely excited to embark on a new journey of complete career change that (I think) will lead me to ventures that I wouldn’t have dared to dream about before my sessions. Suddenly everything seems possible!

Julia, Senior Marketing Director, UK

Paul brings different perspectives to things that exist and he's is a joy to work with.


It's clear that he's doing the work he loves and his energy is both abundant and contagious.


Whether you encounter Paul street coaching, work with him as a coach in the corporate world or you hear him talking skychology on stage, one thing is guaranteed... you'll be glad your paths crossed!

Sallee, Leadership & brand develpment, UK

Paul has a rare ability to bring positivity to difficult situations and put human beings back at the heart of complex organizations. In this world of extensive and accelerated interactions, it is amazing to talk to Paul and rediscover how to truly connect people.

What is apparent when you first talk to Paul is his authenticity. I really enjoyed working with Paul and listening to his suggestions for the creation of a Wellbeing Committee within my firm. His insight and ideas have added tremendous value to the endeavour of trying to elevate the wellbeing of our employees in the workplace.

Thank you very much Paul! I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again.

Juilen, Leadership & organisation transformation specialist, UK

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